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Normal touching is fine – in fact I love hugs and hand-holding, carressing (sp) – but itchy clothes – sweaters drive me nuts. Socks must be 100% cotton, same for shirts. I prefer denim jeans – have trouble wearing anything else.

At night, gotta be cotton sheets. I can’t wear a shirt, etc on my top as my arm pit area goes nuts if there’s a seam or any bump or wrinkle. When it’s REALLY cold I start out fully covered to be warm, only 10 minutes later to jump up and rip off my shirt and socks as they are driving me nuts. I turn over a LOT at night, I mean a LOT.

My legs sometimes just want to get up and run – sitting for long times drives me bonkers.

And I can’t keep my hands still sometimes.

Sounds at night generally aren’t too bad – Punkin likes to lay up by my head, facing me. Sometimes he reaches out to push on me as if to see if I’m still alive.

Yawnie (cat in the pic here) has just recently taken to laying on my FACE. I sleep on my side (can’t possibly sleep on my back, my throat closes up) so there I am on my side, Yawnie jumps up, and lays with half his body on the side of my face. (He’s a very emotional cat according to the vet and we find he needs people contact, has an intense need to be hugged and held and made over.) So, lately the bedroom door is closed to keep the cats off the bed. Best sleep I’ve had in years.

Wow, this threat sure hits home! Glad I stumbled onto it……