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Re: Television Addiction

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Tiddler, Have you got the glasses yet? Do they make reading music easier?

I hadn’t heard of Irlen or scotopic sensitivity syndrome before, so I looked it up.

Although medication has helped me in many ways, one of my disappointments has been that there has been no improvement in ease and comprehension of reading. Have been reading about this syndrome all day. Seems it is not well established in the US as a diagnosis, but in the UK and other countries it is considered on a par with dyslexia.

My daughter developed Celeac disease thirteen years ago. At that time the AMA thought it was extremely rare, so we were lucky to have a European pediatrician. These days the estimates are down to 1 in 136 having the disease in the US. So the fact that Irlen isn’t well recognized in the US doesn’t surprise me as there is money in for the drug companies.

I spent some time using different background colors and pasting in blocks of hard to read text (Robbos post worked rather well 😉 ). Seems like pink is my color. It is so much easier to read. This could also be dyslexia I guess.

So thanks Tiddler. I’ll be checking scotopic sensitivity syndrome out further