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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Addicted to the internet? Or anything for that matter?

Don’t want to give it up? Don’t think you can?

First strategy:, reframe how you say it because that’s how you view it. You’re not giving up the Internet. You’re doing something else instead. When you’re eating birthday cake you don’t think, “I’m giving up watching a great movie.” You’re eating cake.

So find something else to do that you love. Or you at least like. Or you are have never tried. (Ideally even going for a walk for ten minutes, cause exercise is a huge help with ADHD.)

Second strategy: Only give it up for a while. If you usually get online at 5:30 when you get home, wait till 6:30 or even 7:00. I know, yes, I know, you don’t want to. But can you master your need for one hour? Just one hour? And can you fill that hour with something else instead? Self control is not something we have much of. But I know from first hand experience, it’s a muscle you can develop. And to properly build any muscle you ‘stress’ or ‘strain’ or ‘load it’ with a small weight, then keep adding more as you build strength.