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Guys I can say I have had the same problem. I have cried myself to sleep on many nights because of this. I always knew there was something wrong with me up until I was diagnosed a few months back.

I am also a member of 12 step rooms and I have found that people helping each other improves quality of life.

We are all very similar and have many different things to offer.

I am in Toronto and I want to know more about you guys and anyone else who reads this.

I feel my life is slipping away and I want to enjoy it. Perhaps we can all enjoy it together over coffee.

I am reaching out because I also feel alone and numb. I have a wonderful girlfriend who is trying hard to understand what I have but like all my relationships I feel this one is finite as well. I find myself giving up on another part of life every day and withdrawing more and more to avoid the shame.

My only hope is that once I start treatment in January my life will improve and that I may live a somewhat happy and productive live.

I wish you both the same.