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Ive been in a bit of a slump again! *le sigh* BUT BUT BUT!!! KRAZY KAT!! IVE BEEN WORKING ON MY MESSENGER BAG!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU SHOULD SEE IT!!!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!! Honestly, the first thing ive made in my life I am truly proud of. I do a lot of different art forms from animation, to painting, drawing, sculpting, beadwork etc etc but NOTHING I am truly satisfied with being a perfectionist…. But this bag, is soooooooooo far from perfect! Its crooked, uneven… all over the map.. But I LOVE IT!! I call it my adventure bag!! I have been taking my time, not rushing to get it done like with everything else. When I get frustrated I walk away and leave it until another day. For that I am very proud too! I have learned a lot about life while making this bag, and how its okay that its not perfect! My oh my!! I will take A MILLION photos to show you!! Every pocket is a different adventure!! I LOVE DETAILS so there are A LOT of them!! IM SO STOKED!! AND ITS ALMOST FINISHED! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! WOOO WOOOOO kasj dlkasjhd lakjs hdlakjshd laksdh alhdalksjdhaslkd theres my brain excitement overload hahahahahahaha Im excited CAN YOU TELL???

Anyways… besides that… I FINALLY got my dishes done. At times it seems like such a big mountain, and it only takes like 10mins the most hahaha goodness. Also got my whole house cleaned in about an hour. After I broke a needle on the sewing machine and didnt know how to put a new one on and had a rage fit hahahaha I rushed to get the house done before the kids got home. I havent rushed like that in AGES felt good! Felt REAL good! I miss rushing around before deadlines. It is a good rush…