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Congratulations! A new job is nearly always something to celebrate. Best of luck.

Carrie, I had a decent light globe in my room for ages, which was suggested by a photographer who needed to ensure colours matched (which the standard yellowish light bulb will distort). It was great when it was dark/dim outside, but I haven’t got around to getting another one. The lighting in the new room isn’t really bad anyway, just not as good as the old room.

My current high five moment……I had planned to make a bag for each of my two co-workers, just as a small thank you, as they each do things for me (bring baked goods to munch on while at work, listen to me tell my woes, share their DVDs with me, and all sorts of other things) and I wanted to return the favour somehow. Well, I actually finished one in time to give it as a Christmas present. And not only that, I made it using quilting blocks for each square, instead of just cutting squares from fabric – for those who don’t “get it”, it means I made each square of the bag from lots of bits of fabric that I sewed together to make a pattern. It made for a very special bag, and also meant I could use up my scraps of fabric instead of buying some. The second one is underway, but it doesn’t have to be finished as fast, as my other co-worker is on holidays for a few more weeks. I am feeling really pleased with myself over it all (I will just try and forget that I am supposed to be fixing a tile in the bathroom, instead of sewing!!). :mrgreen: