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High five, Robbo, for keeping this thread alive! I can’t help but have a vested interest since I started it. :)

I haven’t been in here in a while – I guess because I’ve managed to get too many projects going, which naturally means I haven’t finished anything. Mostly silly housekeeping things in the name of “organization”; the old looking-in-the-cabinet moment that turns into “Might as well….” and then suddenly I’m re-organizing the entire contents of said cabinet. Expand that out to the entire kitchen, then to the adjoining rooms….

Alas, that seems to be the only way to make housekeeping fun; to turn it from a chore into some sort of challenge: why just scrub a dirty pot, when I can instead use my incredible Googling skills to sleuth out a magic potion that will dissolve the dirt like magic? Why just pick up a few stray items in the garage when I can instead start devising a lovely wall-hanging system?

Well, because there’s STILL a plastic bag full of pans soaking in ammonia in my kitchen after three days. Because the hammer and nails are STILL sitting in the family room instead of down in the workshop where they belong. I’m sure it’s making my family nuts, to have all these little works-in-progress all over the house.

Or not. No one’s actually said anything about it, for the most part. And the truth is, things are happening. Good things. It’s nice having the broom hanging on the wall. The stove top got the ammonia treatment and seven years of crud practically melted off. I may be working ADD-style, but, by God, I am working!

So high five to me, for getting *something* done, if not everything. And high five to my family, for their patience with my process.