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Yes! High Five Robo for keeping it alive! WoooHooo!! Its not that the thread has died… I just really havent been doing anything but sulking and trying to adjust to the recent changes in my life.

Quizzical!! Yes high five!! Sheesh you are doing better than me right now! I have been avoiding EVERYTHING!

My whole house is packed up to move so thats yaaaaay! I now have a job in the city im moving to! Yaaaay! But now I have been putting off cleaning the house. The walls, the floor, I need to put new flooring in bathroom. BLEH! I just have no energy or motivation at the moment. My end of the month blues. I have been showing the house to potential buyers like today… I felt horrible! I was in a very cranky mood, basically went super fast “here are the rooms, heres the kithcen, it all works, hes the deck, heres this, heres that. What more can I say? JUST BUY THE DARN HOUSE!!” its to the point that I just want to sign the mortgage over to whoever the heck will take it as is so I dont have to clean it hahahahaha Anyone want a house? 5 bedrooms? Can come with 4 cats if you want!! They are super cute!!

Mind you I havent taken any meds in 2 days. I can really see the difference when I dont take them. Yesterday at work I was spinning around in my chair, looking around at everything, making weird sounds again, off in space, eat and eat and eat and eat. Today I havent taken them and now I ramble and ramble and ramble and ramble! OK! Im off to do this silly night shift!