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Huge high five, Carrie for the new job!!! And another one for getting all packed up!

New flooring? OK, that sounds daunting. I’d be putting that job off too! As for the walls, get yourself one of those Magic Eraser sponges and just spot-clean a few random scuff marks; maybe that’s all you really need to do! For me, cleaning wall smudges is a good way to get myself going, because I tell myself I can do as many or as few spots as I choose, and on walls, a little work really goes a long way!

I am STILL majorly re-organizing my kitchen. This both is and isn’t a high-five! I’m fixing a lot of long-standing problems (mostly making things a little more logical in the cabinets) but every time I turn around I see something else I want to correct, and it just never ends! And of course there are odds and ends all over the counters left over from all this organizing that await my final decisions….I think I need to invite some people over soon to force myself to wrap it up!