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Bak at ya Quizzy,

That’s a funny pic you use for your avatar, still cracks me up a lil inside. Sounds like life is getting tackled by you one way or another. We just do it different. :-D I’m sure self acceptance is a big part of our solution, seems like you’ve got that.

Thanks Carry. I think it’s okay for us to “pout about it” once in a while. Even though Dad used to warn me not to or else he would give me something to pout about. Screw that! I don’t live under his roof. Ta hek with his rules. I don’t blame my parents any more, but sometimes I miss it. It’s so easy to. (Almost said it’s so easy to…alotta Blah blah blah, yadda yaddaonandon n on) changed my mind.

A few hours ago I remembered that I had forgotten to take a dose of methylphenidate, the phone was supposed to vibrate then make a buncha noise after that to remind me to pee, and to take medz, etc. It even vibrates loud. I may need to start a loud music anonymous meeting. Nah, I could never quit that one. Oh yeah, I was talking about medz. So about 7:30 pm I think, I decided to just bite off half of one of them. Now it’s 10:20 and I’m nice n full, made me a great feast of a dinner. Doing my bills, and decided to post about how I’m doing. N humbly ask for another high five, CuZ I stuck it out, showed up on time to my doctors appointment by waking up at 4:30 AM on tues. Got a new prescription, a little bit more, 5 mg 3 times a day. it’s helping me. I’m also cutting the wellbutrin in half. From 150 twice aday.

I ain’t even typing this in a word processor. N spell check’s not harassing me. (Accept for when I just tried to spell harass) Got it!, this 2nd time was a guess. I’m gonna try to get to bed early.

It’s just too weird being like normal people. NAH, never mind. We’re still not like other people. But who is? Just other people huh? that’s why call them… um, other people. How funny huh? what’s another name for other people?

This is fun. I’m still me, just less screwy and bouncing off the wallitch. ish. ***snickers at typo**** ***scritch scratch, ahh feels goud***now I’m laughing. I gotta confess, I laugh all the time while I’m writing. N listening to ROCK JAMZ! There’s a song by Garbage, called, “I’m only happy when it rains” lol, I used to listen to that after my accident while living with my parents. Now it’s on my kid’s iPod. I’m enjoying the music. My daughters iPod something,? from high school (the ones with the bad batteries) it’s about 7 years old, but i made a buncha cool playlists from her stuff, added a bit of my own tunes that go with hers. It’s great having a super kid. I wish the brat would call me, Oh crap, that’s right, she did at 6:00, didn’t hear that either. Called her back after I bit off half a 5 mg tablet of generic ritalin. It’s phone tag now… I may have about 10 minutes to spare so I can go pout about it. then I should at least consider doing the dishes. At least wipe out the cast iron skillet. I love my kitchen. Magic happens there. Then I eat it. Yum. I’m grateful I worked in so many fancy shmanteys restaurants over the years. I started that at age 19. Only in the last 2 months have I been able to spell restaurant right every time. Not cuz of meds, cuz I follow the advice here at the ADHD wonderland AKA Totallyadd.com.

<<<<<I was spinning around in my chair, looking around at everything, making weird sounds again, off in space, >>>>>>> Isn’t that normal Carrie? hehehe. yeah! yep, huh? then you remember to take your medicine. Now imagine your loved one looking at you with “that” look, n saying “did you take your medz?” n you … ****slugs hard n fast, storms off**** actually that’s just funmy to imagine for about 20 seconds. I hope you get that kind of treatment, oops I meant “don’t get”, still gotta proofread. One time something really crude mean and rude came outa my mouth to my um, Daughters Mom. A fine lady indeed. She slugged me in the gut so hard it knocked the wind outta me!, this was when I was about 23, solid and seemingly invincible. Just in my head. I bent over n she looked like quizzical’s avatar without the book, n we both laughed like crazy. We didn’t hit each-other fortunately. That was a fluke, I sorta deserved it. Cant tell ya what I said. Ah what the heck… Nahh, nebber mind.

Hope your night shift went well. Did you take your meds? ***covering up*** Never mind. Don’t answer. Um.. how was work?

ZZZZZOOOOOoooooommmmm>>>>>>>>>>********Bonk! Ack! ugh… my power chair is so dang fast!!! Seriously, I can pop wheelies! I’ll make a video.

Ratz! it’s almost 11:00. Tomorrow is like monday for me. It’s wonderful to actually have any kind of schedule or even a place I’m expected to show up for 5 days a week, multiple places. Heck I don’t have nuthing to pout about!. I need to think up some witty stuff to say to this pretty lady I met a few weeks ago. Any ideas ladies?, Gentlemen?

Thanks. Dang, I did proofread this in a word processor. But goofed it when I tried to copy n paste it back into the forum. I think I pasted the original from the board to my word processor. (like dysleximanianism) I need to make doctors appointment about my dysleximanianismoids… get some preparation, umm.. ? any ideas? What would that medicine be called?