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hahahahaha oh my! I dont have anything witty to say. Im not too quick with things like that. My husband on the other hand is AMAZING with coming up with witty things to say. He always makes me laugh. And yes… Whenever I dont take my meds my husband always tells me to go take them. My dad always asks me if im drunk or high when im not on meds hahaha Im a hyper, weird, spaz. My night shift was fine. NO MORE NIGHT SHIFTS!! WOOOOOOO!

My high-fives… Got the house all cleared out. Nothing left there. My kids rooms and my room all fit in the back of my SUV. My husbands stuff… literally… trailer after trailer after trailer! UGH!! At least a lot of it was to the DUMP! MWA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA Ripped the bathroom apart. Have new drywall up! Woo!

Today I start saying goodbyes to co-workers I wont work with again :( Im no good at goodbyes. I never know what to say. Here we go!