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Awesome, Lanakila! As a singer it seems like all I do is go around being annoyed at other singers who beat me out for this or that, so I really admire your taking the high road there!

Speaking of singing, it’s my latest High Five moment. I just posted this same bit over on the blog area, because Dr. Jain wrote an entry on using “Deliver” as a mantra. That ties in so well with the high-five moments that I had to copy/paste what I put there over here as well – here it is:

This past weekend I delivered a vocal performance I was really proud of. It was significant because it was the first time I performed a concert post-diagnosis and on meds. I was able to stay in the moment and just put the singing out there, rather than get all into my head as I so often do: about technique (“breath support! Tall sound!”), second-guessing (“Is this going well? Did that sound OK?”), what I was going to do when it was done (“Can’t wait to put my feet up and have a glass of wine!”), who was in the audience, etc, etc. I just….delivered! And it felt REALLY good.