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Re: The Mysterious Rules of the Friendship Game

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Thanks Saffron,

I did. And I feel good and rested. Having a super awesome blast blasting loud music. A playlist I haven’t listened to in a long time. It’s great to hear old tunes I haven’t heard for a while.

I shall now go to my stove, take down The Desiderada, and read it a few times. With the music off so I can really let it soak in.

Thanks a bunch. It’s good when people are straight with me. <<< Gezzus Robbo, get some sleep>>>

On average I get about 9 or 10 hours. hence the guilt. But It’s during the day unfortunately. Me hiding out from learning them dang social scillz. S kills! It kills me to be in social situations sometimes……. Then I magically turn into a butterfly, for a while.. n then… I went out to get mail, there were more slugs than worms on the sidewalk, we don’t see much rain here. The slugs reminded me of a funny post I wrote about snails n slugs in my head… Fun memories pour out like rain when music is raging.

It’s official, I’m crazy, stupid, lazy. But I can deal with it now. ADHD n me are making friends. It’s just a rocky relationship…

I was about to look up lyrics to Nirvana-Scoff, and Doors-People are strange… For the favorite songs thread, favorite song? that’s impossible… Just went from 50 cent to Led Zepplin on the ear splitting devices of my living REALLY LIVING!!! room.

ukay, read desiderada… go back to music,,, then shower. Got it!

Later tomaters.