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I’m glad you have found peace and freedom from your distressing relationship.

However, I must add that your bad relationship does not equate to all relationships where one person has ADHD.

Perhaps you could have said, IF your relationship is a damaging one, then leave.

For you, it didn’t work out. For many, many more of us, we are having happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships.

As an ADHDer who has been physically, sexually and emotionally abused by someone who was supposed to love me, I think it worth mentioning that it is not always the person who has ADHD who is causing the problems.

My marriage is a strong one. My husband is not ignored. We do not have a life of ‘lowered expectations’. We treat each other with respect.

I’m sorry once again that your relationship was so damaging and I’m glad it’s over for you, but please be careful not to tar us all with the same brush.