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Tea……that is a Hallmark version for sure…..hahahaha, good chuckle!! I can’t say I would disagree with your philosophy at all. Assumptions really are beasts, and generally when I make them (and I try not to)…..they can be incorrect or hmmmm…at least slightly off base. So, if I’m curious and I find my self reading something into a persons comments, or even body language…….. I stop them………and I ask… for either confirmation, or clarification….fair enough I think?? I found I have overtime, developed a useful skill of pausing, or politely asking via verbal or body language, for a pause in the conversation. It works…it works wonders. I can collect my thoughts, ask for clarification from the speaker……or affirmation. Funny, but folks don’t seem to mind, they seem to appreciate the idea you are listening and listening intently……they seem to feel good about it. Nice side benefit it reduces mental drift and tends to keep me focused…

As for caring (intensely) about what others think, or think about me…. that’s interesting but……nope, not me so much either. I’m not usually very caring about others opinions of me, particularly if they are just casual acquaintances. I tend save my emotional dimes for those things, and those people (those few things & people)….I really care deeply for???

Sniff the flowers………always…..in all ways. That’s that good stuff is it not Tea????

Sounds like you have a direction Munch…cool!! There are so many tools that can assist us in that aspect. Funny but, I have learned that being uncomfortable is important to me… a clue, a signal of sorts….if I heed that signal, pay attention to it…..it usually will guide me to understanding my needs…where I’m failing myself, if you will. I find also that there is a quietness that comes to me when I’m back on the right track……but it is the dis-ease that is my cue!!! Dis-ease is actually a good friend…as strange as that may sound.

Interesting thread…….for me anyway.