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personally, i can’t keep myself entertained on WoW long enough to play for that long. plus, my ego won’t allow it due to the social stigma that is often associated with playing WoW that much.

apparently (in my mind) that doesn’t apply to all other video games. lately, its been starcraft 2 and halo: reach. ugh. i hate when i just lose track of how much time i’ve been playing, look at the clock, exclaim “what the..” and become upset with myself that i could do that instead of something more worthwhile or even just simple household chores.

and actually, up until today (namely reading this thread) i had no idea that adhd could do that to people. while it is a problem, when you find out that you can’t help it for the most part, it takes the sting out of the resulting disbelief that you spent so much idle time doing something that could have been better spent doing something else. that said, you should still take responsibility for your actions (as i am learning to do) and realize that while its not inherently unhealthy, it *CAN* be unproductive. when that hyperfocus is channeled, however, i’ve had my roommate express complete and utter jealousy towards how much and how well i can accomplish projects and other tasks.