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Hyper-focus was my ticket to success. When all is chaos (and I sometimes created it by inattention, procrastinating, etc. when the work should have been done on time), I’m the star. Trouble is, as a “hired gun” (lawyer, in my case), most people don’t like to be in crisis constantly. You can be a star at crisis management for short and exciting periods of time in others’ lives. But when that “ability” results from how you’ve lived and approached life since age 5, the downside is your own life. Consistently managing and overcoming major crisises for others never translated into the mundane abilities to balance my own checkbook, pay my bills on time, maintain relationships, etc. Though the college/grad school degrees would indicate to most that all the skills were there. Thanks to all for this new site.

P.S. Hyper-focus can yield great results. But, as an infrequent “lock on” to what’s interesting and not boring—as a way of life–has dire (and repetetive) consequences for we ADD.