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Wow… all of this is very interesting, and let’s face it, funny! My hyper focused times rotate between about four hobbies. I’m either doing birding, photography, knitting, or dog activities. My birding friends know that I will disappear for months when I’m into my knitting or dog events. Can’t really say when it’s going to happen though. Though, I can combine the photography with most of these activities. But, if you want me to knit you a pair of socks and I’m birding… you’ll just have to wait. Interspersed are the more short term hyper focused events… like the slippery slope of You Tube.

The best thing I read on hyper focusing and ADD is that we enjoy it because it is one of the only times our brains are focused on one thing. We don’t like to stop because this makes us feel good… actually being able to focus. Unfortunately, we don’t spread it out throughout the day, like others… we save it up. But it sure feels good when it happens… and that makes it hard to stop.