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@Haggis “we enjoy it because it is one of the only times our brains are focused on one thing. We don’t like to stop because this makes us feel good… actually being able to focus.”

Despite it being totally obvious, I had never thought of it like this. I enjoyed the hyperfocused periods, even though it was disappointing sometimes to snap out of it and realize I’d poured hours into something totally useless. But didn’t think of it as feeling good because we normally can’t focus. But when I think about it, it feels just like a lovely quiet drive in the country. Just coasting along the road and looking out the window. vs. driving in downtown Toronto, where there are a zillion cars honking and traffic lights and road signs and construction and all kinds of things to look out for. The single track is so peaceful even though I’m still speeding.

I feel like, if I could turn the focus on and off, I could conquer the world (aka my life).