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allan wallace
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Well, first of all thanks for not telling me to make sure that the door’s closed on my way out :)….oh and I have two email addy’s: harlequinwallace@gmail.com and luvtadream@yahoo.com.au if anybody feels inclined to drop me a line or two….

I’m literally just beginning this trip to discover what ADHD is all about. Even I have reached the point of being utterly fed up with my chronic procrastination, irresponsibility, magnetic attraction to trouble, perceived aloofness, ability to upset other people, and they’re just my good points! Just kidding, obviously there are more but it becomes tedious repeating them ad nauseum. I have never had motivation or ambition either. Why? I don’t know, but I’d like to know, and I’d like to be able to rectify all of my shortcomings…gawd, where does one start????? I have a form of ‘paralysis’ for I just seem to sit around and think too much without ever actually doing very much. Doing nothing if I’m honest. I can’t stand it anymore, or justify it to myself. Even though I’m often told how useless and spazzy I am, I know that deep down I’m not half as stupid as people think I am….even though I was a high school dropout, when I was in my mid 30’s I sat a test to get into University. My wife had a friend at the time who was preparing for the test as well and as she did a lot of prepatory study, including a semester of refresher studies, the look in her eyes blazed with cruel triumphant malice when I said that I’d just take my chances on the day as she anticipated yet another glorious failure for the source of her friend’s (my wife) perpetual miseries….when I got my results I didn’t have to wait very long to see her friend hoping to rub my nose in her success, but my oh my, wouldn’t you know it, I not only got a much better overall mark than her without any prepatory work, I got into the top 5% for English which was her proclaimed strength! I resisted the temptation to gloat or thump my chest, and actually felt sorry for her as she couldn’t conceal her shock. She even demanded to see the piece of paper for herself in case I was lying! She was crestfallen as she’d been well and truly gazzumped by a village idiot…. 😆