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Please feel free to stick around and be yourself Allan. First of all, we can relate to a lot of what you say. We just don’t always remember that you can’t read our minds and don’t actually write that. You fit here. Starting this thread in particular is helpful because it’s one of the larger issues we all face.

<<“Very well said, Tiddler. I love getting to know people on line. I wish we had a message system here>>” Thanks Trashman, I agree about at least giving us the ability to have friendships with each other (PM’s). If I look at this with negative eyes. It seems like a control issue. In fact, even without negative eyes. Just plain old honesty. I think it is!!! a control issue. I even feel a little bit neglected.

The solution!

I’ve had this idea for a while now. We plan on posting our email address at a particular time. Post it for about one minute, then before anyone else posts anything, hit edit and remove the email address. Then confirm the friend we want to give it to has written it down. Or copy paste… wut ever.


To avoid web bots getting our address and selling it to spamertizing agencies. We can post our email address in separate parts and pieces. The first part of mine is mrfunnybo now, the next time I write in this thread, I’ll write the second half. Presto!.. the disadvantage of the 2nd idea…. Hmmm. actually I can’t think of one. 99.9% of the people here are good people. So it’s not a risk giving my email address, huh?

Oh dang, I forgot to talk about the topic! LOL. After I think about the email idea a while, I’ll post again and actually talk about my friend keeping/finding troubles.

PS, RATS! I missed the ending of the Raiders game… grrrr. it was 31 to 31 and less than 2 minutes left. does anyone know if they won? What a total ADHD kind of brain fart, huh? They always squeeze in a few extra commercials in this kind of situation. So of course I just tune out…