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Wow. I thought that was being a military brat. You know, though, I guess this could be one for ADHD, too. Well, the first half.

The second half is what made me start taking my ADHD seriously. I’d get nervous with people, find I’m talking their ear off, in order to make conversation, then totally say something rude and inappropriate, because when my mouth is going, the filter, which isn’t there in the first place, isn’t working at all. I need a warning label on my forehead.

However, there’s a reason facebook is popular. In today’s world, it’s much easier to sit and chat with long lost friends, than it is to pen a letter, find the envelope, stick a stamp on it, and mail something…

which reminds me, I think there are about 3 things I need to mail off…crud!

Anyway, yeah, some of that is ADHD, some of it is just the ease of social interactions in cyberspace. You don’t have to be ADHD to appreciate that.

I find that as long as I haven’t done something with someone that I need to apologize for, I can pick up where I left off with them. In some cases, I’m closer to my friends than I was in real life. Weird how that works. Age helps, too, I suppose.

However, if there is something left unstated between you and your long lost friend, if it’s worth bringing up (because there is a lot of little stuff better to let go than to bring up), that’s when it’s a problem. Otherwise, go with the flow.