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and without such tests – how would one even know to get a professional check or not?

For me, it was another step on the path. I was also able to show some results……….. and told the doc I viewed it as a indicator that I should see if that was indeed the issue.

Larynxa said it pretty well. Frankly, I was very happy to see such aids, and this one was one of the most complete and honest. It also convinced me that I should stop putting it off! Otherwise, it might have been months longer, if ever. It was a bit of a push to “get the answer, you dummy”, instead of “well, should I see a doc or not”. This particular one was very nicely put together, and IMO, a WHOLE lot better than those DSM PDF files I find on the web. Being a visual learner, it was good for me to SEE and listen, and not just read – and some tests were a bit confusion – wasn’t sure what they meant, or under what conditions. This test was very specific, I was left with no question as to how to answer. The doc did a nice job, I think.