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Re: The Walking Lonliness of the Nearly Departed

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Trashman I have a low I Q also but I bet you can do other things like people with high IQ can’t. Those test arn’t all that great what is a high IQ any ways. I ended up at a mensa get together and I said well I better go my IQ isn’t 120 they said no stay. Well they said it was the best night they ever had. I challenged them.on intellegents One was a landlord the other was a teatcher none of them were up there in a job market. And I started talking about commen since.. thatis what will get you though life. My mother with grad 5 education ran a business. The smartest man in the world 175 IQ is a bouncer at a bar. I bet there parents braged about him growing up but I bet there not braging now. My uncle can build boats but he can’t read or write by this starndard he would have a low IQ I know people who learn visuly like I do, I learned cake decorating and I went home and did it and became cake decorator started a business. This school teacher want to learn so I taught her it took all afternoon just to do a couple of things. So did she have a low IQ.? I know alot of people down here that have money lots of it with grade 4or 5 education have a home and did well. Those test means shit. You take a hundred years ago when all we had to do is learn how to run a farm learn how to work on things and learn to servive. The average person only had grade four or five low reading skills. So were they dum ? now a days everything is base on how smart you are but not one kid I know today can work on cars build a house. There is differenn’t levels of smart one book smarts the other commen since smart and visualy smart. My husband is book smart but that is all I have the other smarts. So don’t beat yourself up. Years ago I would of did great but today it is all about book smarts but they don’t even know how to deal with a fuse box , I want a list from you telling me what you can do. And post it. And I’ll post mine. And I can find clams on a beach some people can’t Clamdigger