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Re: The Walking Lonliness of the Nearly Departed

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I have just found out I have Centeral odiou problems. Can’t spell that one and when i looked into it the symptoms it is close to the same sysmtons a ADHD except we have problems saying words.

I’m upset because I had to do everything and figure it out for myself even though the Dr knew I had speaking problems.I went to the hospital and book for my hearing and central adiou test . My hearing is great it is my proccesing, isn’t.

So if you have a hard time with saying words check it out the systems cross over. The thing of it is my bother commited suside and he was only 21 don’t give up on yourself. I don’t have friends I keep people at bay. One thing is that if there is something wrong don’t give up on yourself I went on my own and booked in about my hearing and speech. I’m feeling very low knowen that no matter what I learn unless I stay incross into that one subject I’ll lose what I have have learned.

So I have every one lined up to help me get my G.E.D I started Monday only to find out yesterday that I won’t be able to retain all those subjects to pass. When I tried before one subject I got 93 in algebra,that was about four years ago. Now my pretest on Thrusday I couldn’t remember my factions. That was only a four year span without doing it. I forgot it all. With this new information about proccessing information, I know I’m going to be wasting every one time if I do go forward to get my G.E.D and I don’t what to do. The thing is all of our lives we have given up on ourselfves and been beaten down. Having people pissed off with us, and our selfasteem is low. I have decided that I’m worth the effect maybe no one else think so, but at some point with all of our problems we have to make ourselfves think about what we want in life. Maybe every one else has given up on you or me,but at the age of 53 I finaly decieded I’m worth the effect.

All I want to do is go to art school, to take two course’s part time student none credit. I’m an artist folk artist of course. I have been working on my art for years I do sell my work but I want to bring art to people with add and all other problems. Art and animals witch is man’s best friend are wonderfull look at different things in life that is in the arts. Wood carving, painting my days go by with my music and art. People in my family don’t respect me but something inside of me is in a fight of my life. . So many of us are left on our own at our age with our problems. So if you can’t keep a job just like me I get fired. Selling hot dogs at events even Canadian tire will let you set up for a fee. I know people who make about 400-700$ a day. There are ways to make money run your own business .I have started permaculture for gardening to sell garlic and tomatoes. I think we make wonderful farmer’s go to the markets and sell your stuff. But don’t give up on yourself, think outside the box for work .I know this is an long message and I hope it help. Is there any one here can help I have been looking for a place in Oakville or in the area of Toronto that might have space to rent for a art showing. I have had showings down here but I don’t know were to start in Ontario. Any sujestion would help. By the way we are looking for clamdigger’s down here.