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Dr. Umesh Jain is now exclusively responsible for TotallyADD.com and its content
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Good Afternoon or should I say Good evening I’m 36 and I was pretty much Diagnosed I had ADHD in about 2006. Wow what a change since I have been aware of Home I actually am. Being an organized person actually ahs become a somewhat strength of mine. So I look through some of these folders to get an idea of what is being talked about. I really like this topic

I actually RAN to a therapist…lol. My relationships issues have crumbled before my feet prior to going. I can’t believe in Therapy is when I actually learned about being ADHD and the WORLD was not caving down on me. Her Business was called “ Ready to Change” I remember it stood out at me like wild fire. She stands about 4’11 and she was in her late 60’s but acted like she was much younger. I learned a lot of unhealthy things I had consumed mentally. It has been a great challenge for me to take some of my strengths to counter balance my life to a point of being at peace. A word I had no clue existed. I was in counseling about 6 months before she told me of ADHD and explained to me about our discussions and how it really relates to a lot of symptoms of this Chemical imbalance in my body and prescribed Ritalin.

Therapy to me was not a crutch and I am still learning lots about myself and how life really should be and not a Rolla coaster ride of emotionally instability and lack of knowledge I had none of.

I feel You have to make sure your Therapist really knows a lot about this type of thing. I mean really we are a totally complex people trying to get to a point of healthiness that works for US not them…(laughing)