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    I found a therapist who deals with ADHD, but he is not cheap. So I’ve realized that go get the most out of seeing him, I really need to do a lot of reading and research and experimenting, so I have a ton to report and ask about when I go in. Maybe I should make a checklist?

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    I will become a coach for ADHD issues

    First of all to assist my ADHD daughter

    and then myself…

    why not

    being my own inner coach

    not a so bad idea

    cheaper and very the way I am

    only counting on myself

    after all who is wearing my shoes?

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    Good Afternoon or should I say Good evening I’m 36 and I was pretty much Diagnosed I had ADHD in about 2006. Wow what a change since I have been aware of Home I actually am. Being an organized person actually ahs become a somewhat strength of mine. So I look through some of these folders to get an idea of what is being talked about. I really like this topic

    I actually RAN to a therapist…lol. My relationships issues have crumbled before my feet prior to going. I can’t believe in Therapy is when I actually learned about being ADHD and the WORLD was not caving down on me. Her Business was called “ Ready to Change” I remember it stood out at me like wild fire. She stands about 4’11 and she was in her late 60’s but acted like she was much younger. I learned a lot of unhealthy things I had consumed mentally. It has been a great challenge for me to take some of my strengths to counter balance my life to a point of being at peace. A word I had no clue existed. I was in counseling about 6 months before she told me of ADHD and explained to me about our discussions and how it really relates to a lot of symptoms of this Chemical imbalance in my body and prescribed Ritalin.

    Therapy to me was not a crutch and I am still learning lots about myself and how life really should be and not a Rolla coaster ride of emotionally instability and lack of knowledge I had none of.

    I feel You have to make sure your Therapist really knows a lot about this type of thing. I mean really we are a totally complex people trying to get to a point of healthiness that works for US not them…(laughing)

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    I found a psychiatrist that was totally free – at least I haven’t received a bill for anything (at least nothing yet and there was no mention of cost to me). He Dx me last week and after I go for EKG testing (to scan for heart issues), he recommended via letter for my family Dr. to prescribe me Ritalin.

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    In Ontario Canada, OHIP government health insurance covers psychiatrist visits, but not psychologists. Not reasonable, but that’s another discussion entirely. In Ottawa I found a psychiatrist who is comfortable with all the adult ADD issues, a great listener and a proactive advisor. This is a very lucky thing for me, because outside of Toronto there aren’t many of the group sessions/coaching groups etc. that really help with medication to make things start to come together.

    I’m still afraid to tell this psychiatrist the whole long story of stuff I need to deal with (don’t want to scare him out of the business – he’s rare!) but we continue to work together to sort out some of my life messes – long life, lots of messes – and I hope other people in the area are aware of him. I also hope that readers understand that for adults who have just been diagnosed, it’s going to take a little time to recognize results. The good news is, that instead of feeling any kind of drugged-up sensation, you really have to look at a bit of history to see what changes have taken place, and how the “new” you responds differently to situations than your old self did. Otherwise, you’d never realize any change was happening. Mostly, the effect of the medication is transparent. You have to think about results to know the difference.

    If you’re in Ottawa or thereabouts, Dr. Sam Krane (if you need it, he is MD, FRCP (C)) really understands the issues – you need a referral from a family doctor to see him. He is at 88 Centrepointe Drive.

    Good luck!

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    I was diagnosed with ADHD 10 years ago at the age of 38 by Dr.Turgay’s assistant at the Scarborough Hospital. I was put on Dexetrine and later on Adderall. The medication is working very well.

    I also trained and worked with ADD clients at the Child and Adolescent Clinic. We found that medication and therapy work hand in hand for ADDers. Therapy and/or coaching is a must. There is so much to learn and re-learn or fine tune.

    As a psychotherapist + life coach with ADHD, I have the privilege to help many children, teenagers and adults with ADD. I also get to help my teenage son with his ADHD.

    When I went to University (not long ago) there was no help for ADDers. Today, there are lots of wonderful resources, information and professional help. If you have ADD, I encourage you to tap into all this help. There is no need to suffer anymore.

    Because I asked for help, my personal and professional life has become so much more fruitful. I asked to be assessed, I am taking a helpful medication, I am a student of ADD, I get to help, counsel and coach many ADDers.

    Helping ADDers “ease the pain”, “empower-self” and “experience more potential” is a life-changing gift.

    Go get help! And if you like, check out http://www.coachme.ca.

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