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Re: There's a “tone” to my voice that everyone hates

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hehe, yep- quoting you cuz I can totally relate!. I just did it again too! lol. Seriously, fortunately I’m alone so I don’t have to worry about someone thinking I’m in a dang Huff!, Crap I WAS JUST TAKINAH DEEP BREATH FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!! lol. (that’s what I’d say if “other people” were here with me). and like Munch, I still don’t get the social skills stuff all the time. Body language is like chinese ta me!

****SSSIIIGGHHH**** huff puff****

Sometimes we find other ADDers out there that actually can understand it’s just a deep breath, cuz we want to… period. And they don’t think nuthin of it, huh? I like it when that happens. Lately I’ve almost been inundated with fellow suffering souls, accept I’m diagnosed, they are not, and I don’t know if I have the heart to tell em about the process we’ve gone through/going through… I’m afraid to… well you know. Ever try to help an obvious ADHD suffering maniac? and see that da-nile is not just a river in Egypt?

There are lot’s of people with our symptoms around. Realizing that makes me feel less like I’m just one of “us” and not part of “them”, instead it’s just a big “we”. Accept for “other people” they’re the ones I just don’t understand. lol. Make sense? ***giggeling lak a crazy man****

Other people!!! Ack! that’s a big problem. There are some very hopelessly crazy people in the world, folks that may not ever get a diagnosis. fortunately we can get well, then clown around and try to bring a little bit of happiness into the lives of folks with problems much larger than our own. Our talent for thinking different is sometimes just what some of the worlds craziest people need. We see things and people differently. We’re the down to earth folks that will sit down with a homeless person and listen, really care, and give them some hope about getting on with life, maybe getting some real help for problems that are similar but not the same as ours.

We know suffering, pain, grief, and loneliness.

That’s makes us special in a good way. So we do indeed have a place in this world, a useful part to play. I’ve been trying to do that more. Think about me less, them more. Feels good.

3-16-12 12:24 am pst