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Re: They DO NOT GET IT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since ADD is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act should we come out of the closet and notify the employer. This is not a visible ‘disability’.

We have a lot to bring to the table for an employer, but the employer needs to take care of us. However, my experience is that the loyalty between employer and employee is no longer there. The employer is out for itself.

My thinking is if the employer knows up front then the necessary proactive steps can take place. Also, if the employer is not made aware of the ADD can you use the ADA? or can the employer say we did not know and therefore we could not take the necessary steps to ensure the employee has a fair chance.

I know that we have to find employers / positions that we can be successful. However, like the company that I was just terminated from if they had lived up to what was sold to me in the interview process then I would have had other scientists to help with my duties. Instead I was capable to perform the test methods they do but it turns out I was the only one capable to do my test method. It turns out that I was the last Scientist to be hired.

Do we stay in the closet?