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I found out that I had ADHD about a year and half ago. After having the big AHA moment I tried to explain to close loved ones and friends which I hold dear that there is a medical explanation that describes me and my behavior to a Tee. No one believed it. They thought I was making excuses and avoiding responsibilities, ect… I might as well tried to explain that I’m friends with Papa Smurf and I’m upset with him because he won’t share his Smurf Berry Cake recipe with me.

And now, I’ve gone through the diagnosis process and I’m ADHD. And still, even with a diagnosis, even with the amount of resources and information out there, most everyone in my life still dismisses it as non-sense. Some of my family is starting to see the patterns and realize that there has been an invisible force at work on us over the years. A lot of pain and suffering could have been avoided if we only knew say 25 years ago. Maybe my turbulent relationship with my middle sister could have turned out different.

And yet…even with a diagnosis, explaining that this condition is real and that it has an affect on people falls on deaf ears, especially with some of my close friends. They just don’t get it. And even worse…they refuse to look into it. They stick to their judgments of me. Some of which are not kind at all. I’ve been branded a “burden” by some one I foolishly considered a close friend. I bet I wasn’t a burden when I saved his mortgage after I moved in to an over priced room at his place.

It’s frustrating and more than that…it actually hurts. It hurts a lot. Is there anything worse than being dismissive? To dismiss someone off as crazy, or lazy, or stupid, or angry, because you can’t understand the why’s…or refuse to understand the why’s…even when presented with facts.

After I told my best friend that I’ve been diagnosed. He still comes back at me with, “I have a hard time listening to people and in most cases I have to try really hard to listen to them.” This is his issue with concentration. Yes, we all have issues with concentration at times. But does your issue with concentration impair your life negatively and chronically? And so the dismissal continues. He just doesn’t get it. They just don’t get it.

Trying to explain this thing over the last year and a half has become the bane of my existence. Honestly…it just makes me withdraw. So I feel your pain Prunty20. Even with a diagnosis….THEY JUST DON”T GET IT.