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Re: They DO NOT GET IT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Johane, Thank you for what you wrote. I really needed it, especially now that I have to find another position.

I was fired from my job yesterday, not due to my ineptness, but because I am very good at what I do and this made my Director look bad. My lawyers told me not to quit and to be fired so I can take action for gender discrimination and whistleblower.

I asked my Psychiatrist if I should tell my Assistant Director about the ADD and we decided it not a good idea because the company would find a way to use it against me. Plus someone without ADD would not be able to do all expected of me without technical support, a grunt worker.

I question if I should have said something in the beginning, before the discrimination got out of hand. Actually my Director would have still looked bad since he is ignorant of the science my expertise is in.

Do I say something with the next interview process? after I’m hired? or when / if things fall apart with too many projects, not enough me to finish anything, and procrastination / anxiety / depression take over?

I am so frustrated with having to fight every step of the way. People look at me and think that I had everything just handed to me, when I have had my brain kicked in for so long I am numb. Before knowing that I have ADD and just how much it has affected all areas of my life. I am divorced, endured workplace harassment / discrimination due to others jealousy, going through chapter 7, and terminated from my job (yes a blessing in disguise but nonetheless still a mental beating). After watching the show on TV about adult ADD and hearing how depression can be a problem with prolonged ‘bad times’ I finally had to admit that the depression is back due to all of the crap going on.

I feel like the world is as the book “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy O’Toole (I bet Ignatius Reilly had ADD).

This all sucks even more since I have been doing my best to not create chaos in my life. Yet chaos is in every aspect. Yet, my now former employer stopped paying me while on medical leave and the workman comp case was being ruled on. I received no $ from Aug 20 – Nov 12 bankruptcy court here I come. Then a middle aged, Iraqi male Director with a female, blue eyed blonde more knowledgeable about a highly complex science, and unable to sit in my chair just nodding my head being a good little girl while scientific misconduct and fraud is going on. I had to move back to my parents and have isolated myself from life. A life of head beatings has taken the life out of me that I am trying to give reason for existence.

Is there happiness that lasts for more than the blink of an eye or the roller coaster of a lifetime? or just a bowl of cherries with pits?