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One of the things that has helped is that the University is a lot more supportive than I would have thought, at least the one that I go to. Yes, University is structured in a way that is almost set up to make you fail, but there are supports. I’m doing a Bachelor of Education with a Special Needs minor. That kind of program tends to gather very sympathetic teachers – most of the time. I stress the most there as I had an absolute disaster in one of my classes; the prof literally hated me. It was a disaster. Ah, digressing.

The University I go to has a branch called Specialized Support and Disability Services. They are great at giving you things like extra time on exams in either small rooms or in isolation, and I have flexibility on assignments in some classes. I had to take an Art Curriculum course this term and I handed things in things days late with no penalty because of my accommodations. I got additional assessments for learning disabilities this year and I also now get a note taker or I can audio-record my classes, which ever I choose. I think I’m going to go with the audio-recording, I’m highly auditory anyway. Point is, awesome accommodations and the staff are really supportive. :) These are things to keep in mind if you ever do decide to go back to school, there are people who’s job it is to help you.

I do feel a lot better already now that my courses are all done! I have everything in to my profs in terms of exams and assignments. I feel the need to brag here for a moment. I WROTE A SIXTY THREE PAGE ASSIGNMENT IN TWO DAYS! WHILE WORKING A SPLIT SHIFT! AND I HAVE A COLD! :D I have to admit, I feel rather smug. It wasn’t even total bullshit, it was only kind of bullshit. XD

What I am looking at now is how I can get myself back together before school next year. I am taking things slow next year in terms of school, I am only enrolled in two courses per semester. They are 400 level courses but still. I could take only one course in my first semester but I don’t think I could handle taking things down that many notches. Besides, I think that taking the counselling course would be a great addition to my CV. I’m tailoring my degree towards kids with ADHD as well as Emotional and Behavioural disorders. :)

I am thinking of enrolling in a yoga class. I’m also thinking of making a box garden on my balcony. Any tips on that guys? :P I also want to actually consciously put together an actual organization system instead of this haphazard mess I have for a life right now. I think where a lot of the struggles I have had come from my inability to recognize that I am not superwoman. I’ve always heard “Oh, you’re so strong,” when I talk about things but I am trying to learn that I don’t have to be. I’m done being an octopus, I want to be a dolphin! :D