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Thanks for these sites… I’ll put them to good use and download the mp3’s to my player.

Have you been to this site?

Under the subheading custom sound files, I’ve downloaded several different white noise sounds… white, brown and pink. In addition, there’s a whack of alpha, beta, theta noise that calms the tinnitus and aids in my sleep. Now if someone could just invent stereo bluetooth headphones that fit inside the inner ear so I don’t find the cord wrapped tightly around my neck in the morning…. (hmmmm…there’s an idea)

There’s also a couple of meditation mp3’s you may fin useful. I used to think of meditation / yoga as a complete waste of time, but since having tried it with these files, I find I’m better able to handle some rough patches….that is when I actually remember to listen to it. Of course, my wife thinks I’m a whacko, bt that’s besides the point.

On a second note and possibly the start of a new thread…… Arthritis…. Prior to being on all these meds, when the weather got chilly, damp or downright cold, my body would creak and groan and grind to a halt in the evening, during sleep and in the morning. As long as I was active or took a really hot shower in the morning, or a hot summer day, the pain in my joints would subside. I’ve noticed that since being on Concerta…there’s no pain, no creaks, no groans…. I’m as limber as a 12 year old gymnast….. I still get cold at night and sometimes even have muscle spasms in my leg due to the cold, but no arthritic pain…..