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    Realized we were getting off topic on the Concerta thread, but believe abslt0 has stumbled onto something many of us, not just those taking Concerta, are experiencing. So thought we should start a new thread (so we don’t annoy those seeking specific info on Concerta <g>).

    Apologies to “the Concerta thread” for getting slightly off topic.

    Discovered a few more Tinnitus sites that I find helpful.

    This one NAILS my own Tinnitus sounds even better than the previous link I posted:

    It also shows a) just about every face I must have made {especially the cat <g>}, and b) several other famous co-Tinnitus sufferers.

    The second vid is a testimonial by William Shatner. Try to put aside the fact that “The Shat” IS a “Schillmesiter” <g>, and just listen to what he says about his own Tinnitus (and take in the look in his eyes … this man almost killed himself to make the noise go away!)

    I’m worried that this thread may not belong on an ADD site, but as several of you have indicated your Tinnitus began when you started taking meds, I think discussion of this possible side-effect is worthwhile.

    Please let me know if you think otherwise and I’ll drop this thread.


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    From the Concerta thread…

    abslto wrote:

    Fearwidg, that noise you hear is EXACTLY the same one I hear. 24-7. I’ve noticed tonight it’s much louder at night than during the day. Left side especially. Ive been able to sometimes use it to my advantage. At times, I can ‘listen’ to it and use it to help me get to sleep. I’ve tried white noise mp3’s that ive been able to download off the web… they also kinda work, but only sometimes. Its more hit and miss. I like listening to ocean surf, its very relaxing and can put me to sleep in no time. Brown noise also works. I find it difficult to find on the web as a freebie. There’s tons of stuff you can buy, but what for… It’s more fun looking for it and satisfies the ADD urge to always have some tech toy attached to your hip. ;0)


    Yup. Worse at night (though I just read an axplanation of that and will try to go back and find it).

    Yup. Left side is worse.

    Yup. I also use the Ocean Surf white noise (which also drowns out my snoring, so my partner can sleep).

    Yup. Know what you mean by “the urge for tech toys.” <vbg>

    Also found a great lecture on the scientific causes of Tinnitus here:

    Click on “Steven Chu” to hear his lecture.

    It’s a bit long-winded (and I had a hard time paying attention for some reason <g>), but it DOES give an explanation of what’s happened to us.

    Apparently we’ve created an oscillation of our nonlinear Hopf oscillators.

    I know … HUH? <g>

    Still, I’ve found it helps if you understand what’s going on and this is the first “good science” I’ve heard on the topic (from a Nobel Laureate, no less!)

    More when I find it,


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    Ah Ha!


    “Why is my tinnitus worse at night?

    During the day, the distraction of activities and the sounds around you make your tinnitus less obvious. When your surroundings are quiet, your tinnitus may seem louder and more constant. Fatigue may also make your tinnitus worse.”

    (Sounds right)


    From: (Which also covers physical causes & diseases):

    “Some people also develop ringing in their ears from stress. Greater anxiety increases tension, causing ringing or other noises to be heard. Relieving the stress that causes the problem is the best remedy in this case. This is probably the most common reason that people suffer from tinnitus, and it’s the easiest to treat.”

    LOVE that last line. Yeah, relieving stress is SO easy … NOT <g>

    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks for these sites… I’ll put them to good use and download the mp3’s to my player.

    Have you been to this site?

    Under the subheading custom sound files, I’ve downloaded several different white noise sounds… white, brown and pink. In addition, there’s a whack of alpha, beta, theta noise that calms the tinnitus and aids in my sleep. Now if someone could just invent stereo bluetooth headphones that fit inside the inner ear so I don’t find the cord wrapped tightly around my neck in the morning…. (hmmmm…there’s an idea)

    There’s also a couple of meditation mp3’s you may fin useful. I used to think of meditation / yoga as a complete waste of time, but since having tried it with these files, I find I’m better able to handle some rough patches….that is when I actually remember to listen to it. Of course, my wife thinks I’m a whacko, bt that’s besides the point.

    On a second note and possibly the start of a new thread…… Arthritis…. Prior to being on all these meds, when the weather got chilly, damp or downright cold, my body would creak and groan and grind to a halt in the evening, during sleep and in the morning. As long as I was active or took a really hot shower in the morning, or a hot summer day, the pain in my joints would subside. I’ve noticed that since being on Concerta…there’s no pain, no creaks, no groans…. I’m as limber as a 12 year old gymnast….. I still get cold at night and sometimes even have muscle spasms in my leg due to the cold, but no arthritic pain…..

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    Thanks abslt0

    Will check out the site.

    Re Athritis … WOW! Now there’s an interesting side-effect to Concerta.

    And though I’m on Adderall, I’ve suddenly been plagued by leg cramps at night! And what I think are chillblains (toes get red & swollen), but I gotta see my GP and make sure that’s right.

    I’m dangerously close to being “off-topic” … but the point is, I never thought my meds might be a cause.

    Thanks for the heads-up. Will let you know what I find out.



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    My GP upped my Concerta dose from 27 to 36mg…. definately less scatterbrained…. and arthritic pain free….if that’s even what it was…

    Tinnitus update.. yes I still have it. With the increased dose, I don’t notice it being any more or less. Maybe, I need to be on it longer to really see a difference.

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    Just stumbled on this thread. Not off-topic at all; in fact it was pretty compelling to read. I’ve had tinnitus since starting Concerta a year and a half ago—constant, crazy-loud at night, and yup: worse on the left side. There’s been an improvement of about 40% in loudness since bringing my dosage down. (The meds were causing elevated BP.)

    What really amazed me was abslt0’s description of the rheumatism-like pain. Have had that issue my whole life, exactly the way you describe, except during pregnancy (the high-level hormones of PG commonly alleviate arthritis). But no more creaky, sore joints or needing to avoid the cold since being on stimulants. Gotta like that. (BTW, in case this helps in some chance way, only two things appear to cause the pain now—raw tomato and tartrazine; tested this out numerous times.)

    So basically, even though I was more physically fit when younger, I’m more limber now.

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    i on strattera for few months and notice tinitus and thhought nothin of it! now i see it mayb a rsult of the meds, i will keep note of changes and times whein most appaernt but i deffinatley get distracted by it, i just thought my sinuses must be playin up.. this is interesting thread!

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    I have had ringing-in-the-ears for years. I am not on medication and never have been. Left side is louder.

    I just thought this was ‘normal’. But then, it has been established I am not normal. LOL

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    OK, little anatomy lesson. The carotid artery has a weird path that passes right next to the ear drum. It is the worst engineering you can think of (dare I say the creator screwed up this one). If you stick your finger in your ear or lie on your pillow you will definitely hear the rush of blood. This is not tinnitus.

    There are many things that can distort the sounds that come in including fluid behind or in front of the ear drum. This is not tinnitus.

    Hearing noises or voices that aren’t there is not tinnitus….it’s psychotic. Tinnitus is the least of your worries.

    Taking excessive ASA (Aspirin) is a common reason to experience tinnitus, a buzzing sound in the head but not rushing.

    When you have better focus, frankly, you start to be aware of things in your body you may not have felt, smelt, seen or heard before. It is not the meds.

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    Im glad I came across this thread! Here I was thinking I had this! Well I do blast music loudly, and after jam sessions your left with ringing ears for a long while!

    I thought I had this due to the loud music, but your right! I only hear it when I put ear plugs in and lay down to sleep! I also hear my heartbeat which is soooooooo irritating! Good to know! Thanks!

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    If you don’t know how to identify the right tinnitus symptoms, chances are you might not even be able to identify the tinnitus experience at all. And unfortunately, this is the case for most people who already have had several instances of tinnitus. They often times dismiss it is a menial occurrence that will eventually stop bothering them, but many of them don’t realize that these symptoms of tinnitus hearken to an underlying medical condition that may probably need some form of treatment or medication. And so the bottom line is, the problem isn’t necessarily tinnitus, it’s the condition that it belies.

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    Dr. J – this condition can be cause by something as simple as mild hearing loss. Hearing aids can help the condition in *some* people.

    I’ve got it – AND Menieres – they often go together, but not always.

    I realized one day there was a sound that didn’t belong and would not go away – it happened at the same time that I picked up the phone, and pushed buttons to make a call and realized the tones sounded like they were “under water”. Doc said no fluid, all looked normal. I’ve got pretty good hearing loss in my left ear – that used to be my phone ear because I’m left handed. I’ve since changed to my right ear and the under-water tones are not there with my right ear – the ones are clear. The left ear isn’t as bad with those tones now, but the so-called “ringing” hasn’t stopped for 15 years. At times it is worse than others.

    My hearing loss and tinnitus could be due to any number of conditions according to the multiple ENTs and other doctors I’ve seen.

    I had a bad ear infection when I was very young, and my parents told me my left ear “bled”.

    I used to listen to VERY loud music – at home, in car, in bars next to the speakers, etc. – and I was in multiple car stereo contests – incredible sound pressure levels in my little Jeep Comanche with 10 speakers, 2 subs and 2 amps cranking through large speaker cables.

    I also used to farm – 20 hour a day tractor or combine sounds.

    Whatever the cause, infection, loud sounds, eating wrong, sleeping wrong, not saying my prayers on time, it’s here, and it’s not going away. Docs have all said “learn to live with it” through various means. At times it’s so bad I can’t hear other people or certain sounds. Be married and have the doc say “your hearing loss is in the range of the human voice- the FEMALE human voice. No, I’m not ignoring you, I can’t hear you – and the tinnitus covers certain frequency ranges.

    Meds can cause it – but I’ve not been on anything, and especially at the time it started, and no meds have made it better. Can’t tell if any made it worse as it get louder on some days than others. It’s not always exactly the same, but it is indeed always there, day and night, no matter what, it’s there, and it’s annoying as [email protected]#$%

    I also get leg cramps a lot – but again, am not on any drugs.

    I have ADHD to the max according to a neuro-psych,

    I have menieres,

    I have raynauds,

    I have leg cramps a lot,

    I have arthritis,

    I have tinnitus,

    I have hearing loss,

    I clench my jaw, and at times grind teeth in the night,

    I don’t get refreshing sleep – I have some sleep anomalies, and fall asleep during the day (sleep apnea, no) I’m always tired – ALWAYS,

    I have swelling in my neck and can’t sleep on my back or turn my head when laying down,

    I have constant sinus drainage that keeps my throat swollen and red……….

    I could go on…… but won’t, just wanted to show these things exist, it happens, it’s NOT caused by drugs of any sort in my case, I take nothing but a pill to help the menieres (a diuretic – doc says “to make you pee” and lose water from the inner ear area to help the dizziness). Don’t smoke, only occasional beers with friends, wine every so often as I love the taste, so it’s not alcohol related.

    And none of it can be fixed. some of it – only a tiny bit, can be helped at all.

    I live with it, and am still generally a happy person.

    Annoying, yes. Try being tired all the time, fall asleep while driving, road-rage caused by ADHD, being dizzy a LOT, constantly hurting due to arthritis, but here I am……… I got too many unfinished project to quit on life now – and too many more things I’ve yet to do – and I might just do them someday, maybe, if I get around to it………

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    Ok, so a year has passed since I’ve been on this site. Many username changes… abslt0, Mumzer… forgotten passwords etc.. to who the hell remembers… I didn’t even remember there was a site on ADD. In any event, here’s whats transpired in the last year:

    1. I separated from my spouse

    2. Started my own business (surprise surprise. Can’t work for anyone)

    3. Still on Concerta – 36 went to 72. Short attention focus span while on it, in LaLaLand when I’m coming off it

    4. Got a requisition to see an ADD doc from my GP in July 2010… Do you think I’ve gone?

    5. Not only do I still suck my tongue, I suck my inner lips through my front teeth. Had to start chewing gum to stop it

    6. Developed TMJ from excessive chewing (Jeez – can never win here)

    7. Dr. J stated: “Hearing noises or voices that aren’t there is not tinnitus….it’s psychotic. Tinnitus is the least of your worries. “

    Oh thank-god! I thought I was crazy!! LOL. Umm I STILL have ringing in my ears, standing, sitting, laughing, crying… as I type this on my iPad.

    8. Damn, still a tech junkie. My wife has been replaced by two race cars, & an arsenal of Mac products. A PC running Ubuntu, I just finished rebuilding a laptop that was declared ‘junk’ by it’s previous owner….

    9. No point taking any night courses on computers, i can’t stay focused long enough to take any notes

    10. I’m glad I’m back!

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