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OK, little anatomy lesson. The carotid artery has a weird path that passes right next to the ear drum. It is the worst engineering you can think of (dare I say the creator screwed up this one). If you stick your finger in your ear or lie on your pillow you will definitely hear the rush of blood. This is not tinnitus.

There are many things that can distort the sounds that come in including fluid behind or in front of the ear drum. This is not tinnitus.

Hearing noises or voices that aren’t there is not tinnitus….it’s psychotic. Tinnitus is the least of your worries.

Taking excessive ASA (Aspirin) is a common reason to experience tinnitus, a buzzing sound in the head but not rushing.

When you have better focus, frankly, you start to be aware of things in your body you may not have felt, smelt, seen or heard before. It is not the meds.