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From the Concerta thread…

abslto wrote:

Fearwidg, that noise you hear is EXACTLY the same one I hear. 24-7. I’ve noticed tonight it’s much louder at night than during the day. Left side especially. Ive been able to sometimes use it to my advantage. At times, I can ‘listen’ to it and use it to help me get to sleep. I’ve tried white noise mp3’s that ive been able to download off the web… they also kinda work, but only sometimes. Its more hit and miss. I like listening to ocean surf, its very relaxing and can put me to sleep in no time. Brown noise also works. I find it difficult to find on the web as a freebie. There’s tons of stuff you can buy, but what for… It’s more fun looking for it and satisfies the ADD urge to always have some tech toy attached to your hip. ;0)


Yup. Worse at night (though I just read an axplanation of that and will try to go back and find it).

Yup. Left side is worse.

Yup. I also use the Ocean Surf white noise (which also drowns out my snoring, so my partner can sleep).

Yup. Know what you mean by “the urge for tech toys.” <vbg>

Also found a great lecture on the scientific causes of Tinnitus here:

Click on “Steven Chu” to hear his lecture.

It’s a bit long-winded (and I had a hard time paying attention for some reason <g>), but it DOES give an explanation of what’s happened to us.

Apparently we’ve created an oscillation of our nonlinear Hopf oscillators.

I know … HUH? <g>

Still, I’ve found it helps if you understand what’s going on and this is the first “good science” I’ve heard on the topic (from a Nobel Laureate, no less!)

More when I find it,