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Re: To Medicate, Or Not To Medicate

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Hey cool! That’s a pretty useful website. Thanks! My daughter has generalised anxiety disorder, so it will help her too. I watch her stress over all sorts of “trivial” things and it’s painful to see her like that. The hardest thing to do is to turn my back and say “you can cope with it”, but it certainly works in the long run. Her confidence is improving and she is sleeping better now.

I rang my son’s school this morning to ask what I have to do with regards to informing the right people of his diagnosis and discussing strategies to help him succeed at school. Found out that I have to fill in some sort of form. So now I have to go in and get the form. If I hadn’t been so tired at the time, I would have thought to ask them to send it to me. But then again, my brain doesn’t generally think that fast at the best of times, so maybe I wouldn’t have 😉

Still have to arrange an appointment for me :( And then sort out referral letters for both of us. Ugh! Why can’t anything be easy?!!