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Thank you for your posts. I have just found my way to this website and am thrilled to “meet” another adult who is struggling with the idea of prioritizing my ADD for the first time. I am a 53 year old motther of two grown children who is contemplating “the rest of my life”. My children have been fortunate enough to have “missed” the gene that makes my brain “tired” by ten in the morning, but what if my grandchildren become the lucky recipients of my genetic brain poop. I need to figure out how to take care of myself on the chance that my grandchildren will need a mentor. My fifty year old brother has been treated for ADHD twice in his life: once as a six year old child (which didn’t last long because he perceived the medication as making him uncomfortable and unhappy ), and currently, after a span of many years, as an adult. He decided (as an adult) that the changes he experienced in his “identity” (for lack of a better word) with medication was a “normal” he was ready to accept. He appears to be (and this is very subjective on my part) a better “socially adjusted” person, but I wonder if sometimes he wishes he could revisit the old self every now and again . . . we have some pretty awesome stories about when he was a little hyperactive cutie! My brother’s experiences with ADHD therapies have taught me that ownership and expectations change with growth and maturity. What may not work for a person at one stage of their development, may be exactly the right protocol at a different time in their life (and medicine, being what it is, constantly changes to provide new and improved patient care). I am encouraged by your posts to just “keep trying”. This is a good strategy:) I like it!

ps You are a good writer! Does your son journal as well? . . . .