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Re: To Medicate, Or Not To Medicate

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Was the biofeedback expensive? The medication my son has been put on for now was pretty cheap ($16 for 100 tablets, which is about a month’s supply if he ends up needing three doses per day – hubby pays around double that for a month’s worth of cholesterol medication). And how long did you do the biofeedback for before you saw results. And how long did you do it for in total? And how long did the results last for? I am interested in all the sorts of therapies that work to treat ADHD. We are also doing CBT with our son, as well as getting a tutor to help with better study habits and assist in the areas of schooling where he struggles.

Today will be his first day of medication. He is very enthusiastic about it, which I suppose is a good thing, as he has been really anti-medication for much of his life. Now he has a happy balance, and resists taking medication, but accepts that sometimes it is necessary and takes it without complaint at those times (such as when he has a fever and aches all over, or when he has a bad infection and needs antibiotics). It just goes to show how much he feels his ADHD affects his life, considering his eagerness to trial the Ritalin.