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Re: To Medicate, Or Not To Medicate

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@billd – I find I swing between needing human contact, and needing to get away from it. I dislike parties in general, though I tolerate them for family and friends’ sakes. Though I get to a point where I just don’t want to be there anymore because it’s too much work and I start to get a headache and begin to feel as if there is a bubble forming around me, blocking me off from everyone else and making it hard to join in. I just feel very disjointed and isolated, and watching everyone else having a good time just makes it worse. But I have also had the opposite. I have been alone at home and began to feel very antsy and irritable, not wanting to do any of the things I could or should be doing, and I long for human contact. I must admit that since I have had kids, it hasn’t happened much at all, and I am very content to spend a day at home alone, but before kids came on the scene I would have regular days when I paced the house, making phone calls to friends to see if we could catch up, or at least talk on the phone. If I had no luck, I would just curl up and cry. I don’t know whether it was the human contact I craved or if it was just that I felt antsy and irritable due to ADHD, and that getting out with a friend just took my mind off it. Or maybe it was the talking that I needed, as it seems to be my form of “hyperactivity”. Who knows. Whatever it was/is, having a family, with all the activities involved in having a family, seems to give me what I need socially, somehow, and I feel more content with things from a social perspective.