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I got a gym membership. I also got my neighbors and my hubby to join. That helped, having friends go with me. You can get a gym that has both free weights and pulley type weights. Frankly, I don’t want smelly people standing around or over me when I’m exercising, so I go spotter free with the pulleys.

Precor makes a machine called and Adaptive Motion Trainer. Check for it in a gym (too expensive to buy, and the guilt factor of not using it is pretty high, right?). Really, I call it the ass kicker. What’s great about it is it is a free motion elliptical, so you can stride as far as you want, or even as little as you want, using it as a stair stepper. The arms are active, too. The sweet thing about it is that it’ll put that corner back in your butt. You know, the part where the leg meets. Your butt should jutt out there. It’s not supposed to be a gradual slant to your legs. My butt came back to life after about a month.

It’s pretty easy on the joints, too. I’m trying to warm up to the idea of running, but I hate the impact on my joints. I’m also afraid of the damned thing. Very scary thing that keeps moving when I don’t.

Who mentioned teaching martial arts? My ADD dad taught Judo for years. He loved it! He got his exercise and his social outlet.

Anybody want a soloflex??? It was given to me by a neighbor. He didn’t use it, either.