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i had the same problem with pacing i go on a trip at lest once a month and two days before is when i pack(not ending till i leave) but all i pack is electronics, papers, and my dogs pack (she has two). why are there no clothing? there packed in a suitcase along with dress shoes, and toiletry bag. the clothing changes 4 times a year. the rest of the time the bag sits full in my closet.

the other bags one is setup for travel that gets installed in whatever car i go in stuff like XM, CB, Ham Radio, GPS, and snacks/72oz drink the bag never leaves my house(it gives me a chance to go in and check for those last minute panic grabbing items).

my dogs bags include food one bag the other has her bed, seat-belt, portable water bowl, and jacket.

and just a thought all my jackets have a pen, pencil(strangely no Post Its? hum), LED flash light, knife, lighter, and a full set of keys (color coded so i know if i louse a set) so i don’t have to worry about finding them. think about what you take with you every day and then think of what can be duplicated, because it easier finding a jacket then everything else!


does anyone else add the punctuation after you have written there post?