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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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As everyone will agree, ADHD looks different in different people.

So lvriniel is right, your ‘treatment’ will be specific for you.

By adulthood some of us have found ways to cope with some symptoms. (Whether they’re good coping mechanisms is another discussion altogether.) As well, we all have different circumstances. When I’m working on a television production organization and time management are crucial for me.

So part of this process is figuring out what you want, where you are struggling and what you’d like to transform.

If I were a painter, working alone, then time management may not be as crucial as procrastination.

So the to ‘treatment’ is to figure out which symptoms are the most impairing, and target those. And you won’t really know what’s impairing you unless you know where you are going, and are clear what you want to achieve. To use an analogy, it doesn’t matter to me if the road between here and Ottawa is washed out, if I’m going to Windsor. Depends where you want to go. Of course, most of us, by time we seek treatment only have a goal of ‘ending the suffering’ and ‘surviving’.

That’s where a therapist or coach can make a big difference.

There are lots of suggestions for strategies and tools on the website, and in our store there’s a DVD that offers dozens of small and large strategies. Be open to any ideas, and keep the ones that work for you. Until they stop working.