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Re: Two weird things my brain does…

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okay 1st when berry said ” song stuck on replay in my head” i automatically thought of the song..”shorty like a melody in my head it be ringing like na na na na everyday like my ipods stuck on replay”

okay back to the question..

#1 all the time…. just simply saying “lets go” can be stuck in my head and then ill start saying it out loud and without realizing till minutes later..im saying “lets go” in different tunes, accents, ect.

I MOST DEFIINITLY HAVE AN OVER-ACTIVE IMAGINATION!!!! its a gift and curse. Gift because hardly anyone else would have every thought of something I did with such detail ect. Curse cuz ..for example when i was little my mom would be driving the car and out of no where I could just imagine a horrific car crash that my mother and I could have gotten in to and my imagination can imagine the pain, how it looked (outside view, inside view, iternally, ect.) if this would have happened and so forth.

I really dont get the bad imaginations like i used to when i was smaller, I always get the wierd funny ones everyday, I can never get bored with the things i imagine and so thats one of my traits that my friends like about me. My weird, crazy imagination that’ll make you laugh.