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Re: Understanding a partner with ADHD

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Well 12ntaddup………. you sound frustrated. This may not be the correct forum for work of this level there is so much room for misinterpretation and miscommunication. I can share this with you……… (you may not like it)….. I went to counseling over 25 years ago. My life was not going how I thought it should. My partner (I thought) was making me nuts, our family was coming apart!!!! I stayed for a whole different set of reasons. That was 25 years ago…. we have been together over 35 years.

If I might……. counseling for me (about 3 years worth)…… changed everything, it was hard. I was angry furious actually at times….. sad lonely frightened, excited, fearful, elated… all of it. It required the most courage I have ever had to muster. I went because of her…. I stayed for me!!! When I think of how hard it was/is to change, really change myself and how much time and effort it took…( and I wanted change)….. I can only ask, what are the chances of changing somebody else???

It was the most important thing I have ever done for me, my partner, my children……. once you live life “AWARE”, truly aware ….. it can never be shut off.

I would not change a thing….I have no regrets. Without the turmoil there would have been no anxiety…. without the anxiety there would have been no impetus for change….. without change no insight. Any knowledge or insights that does not bring about a higher quality of life is……. questionable???