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I felt pretty crappy myself this Valentine’s day; the fellow I like who is kind of perfect was out with his girlfriend. oh, my life….

I hang out with a guy and we are having lots of fun and flirting and all that. then I tell him I like him and he says he is attracted to me AND likes me as a friend, but doesn’t want to date. this happens to me over and over again.

I asked my guy friend, the one I have a crush on, for the male perspective on this mysterious – to me, at least – phenomenon. he said that I am too intense for some people. their thought process might go as follows:

“she wants to go on an adventure. I just want to hold hands and get a burger. I’m not up to an adventure right now.” and then they back off.

ironically, this kind of made me feel better about myself.

I’m not going to resolve to hide myself – though of course, I will try and abide by social boundaries, whatever, etc. I just have to wait to meet somebody who is strong and adventurous and courageous enough to want to go on the adventure with me.

if I try to trick someone into going out with me by appearing differently from what I am, well, that’s never going to last or even make me happy.

good luck, everybody. and it gives me hope that so many folks on this site seem to be married!