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There aren’t too many reviews out there since this medication just came out last year, but it sounded promising, so we wanted to give it a try.

My 9 year old son started taking vayarin at the beginning of this year, about 2 weeks before heading back to school on winter break. It has been wonderful for us. When he went back to school, his teacher noticed right away the change in behavior. He could actually sit still and focus. I noticed while he was doing his homework, that even his handwriting has improved.

At school, he used to get several warnings everyday for not being able to sit still or disrupting the class. His first week back from break, he received one warning the first day, but did not receive any warnings for the rest of the entire week. This is the first time all school year that he has gone without any warnings and to do it four days in a row.

I’ll try to keep others posted of his progress as this is only the 3rd full week on the meds, but so far, I have nothing but great things to say. He can focus, but he still has his “vibrant” personality. No side effects what-so-ever. I think the positive feedback that he has received from his teacher and at home is great. He can’t wait to tell me how he had a great day at school.