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You need to see an audiologist for the test… I dont know where you’re from but ask your family doctor for a referal, maybe there is a major hospital that has an audiology departement that can give you the name of clinics… it’s really worth finding out because you don’t need to feel stupid!

You explain things quite clearly and you got the concept of the link I refered you too as well… It really has to do with mixing up backgroung noise with forground noise, filling away information you hear in the right place and then retreiving it it rapidly when it only presented verbally…

these questions you ask may be a compensation mechanism you have developed to give your self a delay of time to process the information and to request more hints in order to get the right information retrieval because its passing through the auditory system first…

For example… the is a a scale on an IQ test that if passed only verbally with no visual support and no example, someone with auditory processing disorder, althought he hears well and is very smart, has the hardest time… if I right it out here you have the visual support so it’s not the same… but when some one has a nomal score everywhere else but a very low score only on the scale that ONLY rely on verbal comprehension… that is a clue also!

If you are facing away from someone and can’t really hear them… lower tones are hard… maybe you do have hearing loss but maybe not… it still fits the picture! There are things that can be done for it you know!!