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Bren…ya know it’s funny…everyone knows I talk and they act as if they don’t want to hear sometimes. But when I don’t talk they are the first to say “what’s wrong?”. I’m also called a drama queen by some.

Last year was a VERY stressful year. Divorce after 25 yrs, foreclosure, moved into a new house on my own for the first time in my life, new relationship, emotionally abandoned by my sisters during my divorce, two daughters graduated, one got married, son-in-law went to Iraq, son failed 9th grade, my daughter got arrested for shoplifting and went to jail, I rear ended 2 people in 2 separate accidents costing 8000.00 damages to my car, job on the line due to excessive tardies, started menopause, neighbors called animal control cause my dog got out of the yard which cost me hundreds of $$$, diagnosed with depression and anxiety (again) and I had a meltdown and went on leave of absence for 2 months.

I was told by my boss last year that my life was too intense for my coworkers and that I should stop talking about it.

Ain’t that sweet???