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Sorry about your boss, co workers and sister.

Life can be difficult at times.

I gave an innocent opinion why I thought my niece did not need to replace a $300 camera with a $500 camera (1984).

I was black listed by my sister for 10 years….

Rambling on..

I have had some great enlightened bosses and some really PI– Poor Ones. I just try to survive-knowing I would be changing jobs soon when I had a poor one..

I often placed myself in the position of my sub-ordinates and managed accordingly

I was a dept head in data processing/production controll. Paper Plant Algecieras Spain 1980-1983

Some of the things my ADHD brain did to help the office atmosphere.

The programmers in my office could thnink about personal problems-and I would never know. Production/progress would suffer.

Hence I adopted the open door policy. I would talk to anyone at any time on any subject. A 10 minute conversation led to 7 hours and 50 minutes of production. If the person needed time off He was given time off. An unfocused mind writting a payroll program is not a pretty thing. on Friday afternoon..

If an employee was not working on an application he was allowed to read any technical/work related information. I did not want him to appear busy when his time could be used for better purpose. He just could not read the news paper.

Net results- from 180 late orders a month to zero-

Defects in orders zero.

Payroll errors zero

Billing -errors zero

It’s sad there are so many DUMB BOSSES out there that cannot see the big picture..

The water cooler has a purpose besides water.

My Father -In-Law in Spain said, “in Spain we work to live, in the United States you live to work” I liked Spain better.

Good Luck I will have you in my prayers.